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Alien-looking Squid filmed (not at all bird or parrot related)

I find stuff like this utterly amazing:




A deep-water remote control submersible (2.5 km down!) filmed this thing. The water craft was owned by the Shell Company, and they decided scientists might want to see this. I wonder what other strange stuff oil company submersibles have filmed while looking for drilling sites.  Scientists are partnering with the oil companies now, which makes sense as I don’t imagine that these types of things are cheap to operate!

Deep sea creatures can be just so alien looking.  This squid really looks like something from another planet. Some cephalopods (octopuses, mainly) are reputed to be intelligent as well, which adds to their mystery and other-wordly nature.

Speaking of octopuses, it’s easy to waste lots of time on youtube.com watching videos on these.

This video demonstrates why they’re so hard to keep in captivity. They can escape through very tiny holes:

They can also shape-shift, in a way. The octopus stuff starts about a minute in:

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