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This is a directory of all the posts on this site. I will keep it up to date.

Introduction to the site.

Wild Parrots

Parrot News (Night Parrot, Swift Parrot, Orange-bellied Parrot)

The Behaviour of Wild Amazon Parrots

Meet the Kea, New Zealand’s Mountain Parrot

Meet the Kaka, the Kea’s Lesser-known Cousin

New Zealand’s Wild Parrots Part III: Kakariki and Kakapo

The Evolution and Behaviour of the Extraordinary Eclectus Parrot

Play Behavior in Wild Parrots

Parrot Oddballs Part I: The Vasa Parrots

Parrot Oddballs Part II: The Mysterious Night Parrot of Australia

Parrot Oddballs Part III: Pesquet’s, Bald and Vulturine Parrots

Parrot Oddballs Part IV: The Quaker Parakeet

Parrot Oddballs Part V: The Eclectus Parrot

More on the Night and Ground Parrots of Australia

The Hyacinth Macaw

The Diversity and Classification of Parrots

Addendum to Taxonomy Article: Scientific vs. Common Names

The nest building behavior of the adaptable Quaker Parakeet

Kea Documentary

Extinct Parrots Part I: The Western Hemisphere

Blue-throated Macaw News!

Travel posts about parrots:

Brazil Trip Part One: Yellow-chevroned Parakeets and Peach-fronted Conures

Brazil Trip Part Two: Blue-fronted Amazons and Nanday Conures

Brazil Trip Part Three: Quaker Parakeets

Brazil Trip Part Four: Hyacinth and Greenwing Macaws, with a bonus conure

Wild Sulphur-crested Cockatoos

A Trip to New Zealand: The Land Where Birds Rule

Bare-eyed Cockatoos in Kakadu National Park

Red-tailed Black Cockatoos

Rainbow Lorikeets, birds of Cairns, and Twitter

Other Travel Posts

Brazil Trip Part Five: Other Birds

Brazil Trip Part Six: Mammals

The Whooping Cranes of Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Texas Birding Trip: Birds of the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge

Texas Birding Trip: Bird? Or Pile of Leaves?

Photos from Kakadu National Park

Companion Parrots- Basic Care and Resources

The Importance of Environmental Enrichment for Pet Parrots.

Clicker Training Parrots

Parrot Rescues

Parrot Podcasts

Cover Bird Mitri (Plus a list of parrot magazines)

The Benefits of Fresh Food for your Parrot

Eight Myths and Half-Truths about Parrot Behavior

Flowers for Parrots

Parrot 101: Do they make good pets?

Parrot 101: Basic Parrot Care

Enriching your Parrot’s Life

Two Training Tips

Clicker Training 101

Safety and the Pet Bird

Stuff your Parrot Probably (or Absolutely) Doesn’t Need

What’s in my Birds’ ‘Chop’

Fleeing the Flames

Companion Parrot Care: Species-specific Articles

Living with a Red-lored Amazon Parrot

Living with a Maroon-bellied Conure

An Introduction to the Lineolated Parakeet

A List of Cockatoo Books and Where to Get Them!

Inexpensive and easy ways to keep your cockatoo busy.

Living with a Cockatoo

Good “beginner” parrots?

Living with a Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

The Personable Pyrrhura Conures: At Home and in the Wild

Feeding seed-eating birds (about grass parakeets and finches)

Living with a Jenday Conure

Living with a Blue and Gold Macaw

A Rose-crowned Conure


Short bits about parrots

Parrots and Peppers

Parrots and Pumpkins

Introducing Peggy, the Jenday Conure!

Many, many Moluccans!

Blue and Gold Macaw Videos (These are cute!)

New Foster Parrot (Hybrid Parrots)

A noisy cockatoo, plus Pet Expo 2010 (Random thoughts on parrots)

Chiku! the Pyrrhura Conure

Parrot Cam!

Escape Artist Cockatoos

Parrot Magazines (May 2013)

Training Articles by Barbara Heidenreich

An Introduction to Positive Reinforcement Training and its Benefits

What’s wrong with the step-up command?

Boy, that bird sure can scream!

Strategies to Utilize when a Flighted Parrot Escapes

News About Parrots

A Cry for Help Ruffles Feathers. (Cute news story concerning an Umbrella Cockatoo)

Rare Parrot Needs Right Feed to Breed (News about Kakapo conservation).

Feather plucking in African Grey Parrots (Science News)

Squawk Therapy: Helping Students with a Cockatoo (News Story)

Kakapo repaired after painful poke (News story)

Project Abbotti – Saving the world’s rarest Cockatoo (Conservation News from Indonesian Parrot Project)

Rescued Rare Macaws Settle in at New Zoo Home.

Brazil moves to Curb Wildlife Trafficking (News)

January, 2009 Parrot News (Keas, Cockatoos, Bird Sanctuary)

February, 2009 Parrot News (Buttonquail, Mexican Parrots)

April, 20o9: Canadian Parrot Refuge

April, 2009: Some birds have a Remarkable Talent for Dancing

May, 2009: Kea Steals Passport

September 2009: World’s Smallest Parrot Filmed for First Time

September 2009: Owned by a Cockatoo

October 2009: Parrots as pets; Training Parrots

Talking Cockatoos

Crafty Cockatoos

World Parrot Refuge Closes

Not-Parrot Related

The Magpie in the Mirror (Video, Science News)

Button Quail! (Quail as pets)
Society Finches
Gouldian Finch Chicks
The Little Dipper

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