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Cover Bird Mitri! (Plus, a list of parrot magazines)

Hooray! My Lesser Sulphur-crested Cockatoo Mitri got his picture on the cover of the June, 2009 issue of Parrots magazine!


The top of the magazine cover got a bit cut off because the magazine is a touch bigger than the area my scanner can scan.

“Parrots” magazine is published in the UK and their website is: www.parrotmag.com

This is the magazine I write the most for.  It tends to have a nice variety of articles in each monthly issue on companion parrots, breeding, rescue, conservation and wild parrots.

For people who like to subscribe to magazines, here’s a list of all the parrot magazines I know of:

Bird Talk – Published in the USA.  Monthly.  It’s mainly oriented to pet parrot owners, but also has stuff on other pet birds like finches and pigeons.

Good Bird – A quarterly magazine on parrot care,  especially training parrots with positive reinforcement.

Australian Bird Keeper – Published in Australia. Covers all types of birds kept in Australia by aviculturalists. I haven’t subscribed yet, but intend to.

PsittaScene – This is the World Parrot Trust’s quarterly newsletter, which is sent out to members of the trust.

Watchbird – The journal of the American Federation of Aviculture. It’s oriented to bird breeders, and has information on parrots and other birds.

There are also some e-magazines (magazines published online) about parrots. Actually, two of the magazines above (“Good Bird” and “Australian Bird Keeper”) can be sent as e-magazines. The electronic copies are cheaper than the hard copies.

Parrots International Magazine – Primarily about conservation and wild parrots, but also has information on caring for captive parrots.

If any readers know of any that I may have missed, please let me know in the comments below or at jzgurski (at) ualberta (dot) ca.

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